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1901 – 1956

Director of “Gipromez”
from 1930 to 1931

Avraami P. Zavenyagin was born at Uzlovaya railway station of  Tula province.
Since 1930, upon graduation from the Mining Academy, has been working in the field of heavy
industry. From 1931 to 1933 – the Deputy Head  of the Metallurgical Department of
the Supreme Soviet of the National Economy of the USSR. Since 1933 – the Director of the
Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. Since 1937 – the first Deputy of the People’s Commissar
of heavy industry. Since 1938 – the construction manager of the Norilsk Iron and Steel Works.
In the Great Patriotic War time leaded the construction of many industrial projects, was the
Deputy Minister of the Medium Machine Building, the Vice-Chairman of the Council
of Ministers of the USSR.
In 1945 – 1953 A.P. Zavenyagin was the assistant of A.P.Beria in the Soviet nuclear project.
Under the responsibility of A.P. Zavenyagin was the whole cycle of the nuclear fuel and charges


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