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Chairman of the Organizational Bureau of the Institute
Semyon S. Lobov

Chairman of the Organizational Bureau of the Institute
from 1926 to 1927
Valery I. Mezhlauk

Chairman of the Board of “Gipromez”
from 1927 to 1930
Mikhail N. Burov

Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Gipromez”
from 1927 to 1930
The first period – formation and establishment of the Institute, making a search for the organizational and methodological forms of the design work – was completed by the  spring of 1927 when instead of the Organizational Bureau under the chairmanship of S.S.Lobov, by the Order of Supreme Soviet of the National Economy of the USSR №  525 of March 7, 1927, the Board of Management of the State Institute for designing metal works had been approved as a temporary management in the following composition:
  • Chairman of the Board – V.I.Mezhlauk
  • Deputy Chairmen – M.N.Burov, V.N.Dobrovolskiy
  • Members of the Board – D.I.Vereschagin, N.N.Lipin, A.I.Belonozhkin, A.A.Bachmanov, A.P.Shishko.
This period was devoted to formation of the central administrative apparatus, personnel recruitment, elaboration of methods of the Institute activity. The existing local design bureaus were gathered, developed and reoriented for work according to a definite system. The actual leader of the Institute became M.N.Burov in the  position of the first Deputy Chairman of the Board.
Since February 1, 1930 “Gipromez” became an Institute for designing metallurgical plants in the field of the ferrous metallurgy with a new charter and a right of incorporate  juridical person. Along with transfer to a one-man management instead of the collective leadership a new organizational scheme of the Central Apparatus was introduced. According to the new scheme now at the head of the Institute was a Director. A.P.Zavenyagin was appointed the first Director of “Gipromez”.
Avraami P. Zavenyagin
1901 – 1956
Director of “Gipromez”
from 1930 to 1931
Vadim A. Smol’yaninov
1890 – 1962
Director of “Gipromez”
from 1932 to 1938
Mikhail I. Antipov
1903 – 19XX
Director of “Gipromez”
from 1938 to 1941
Nikolai I. Korobov
1905 – 1979
Director of “Gipromez”
from 1941 to 1948
Lev B. Antel’
1904 – 19XX
Manager of the Leningrad branch of “Gipromez”
from 1938 to 1941
Kirill P. Belyanchikov
1903 – 1972
Manager of the Leningrad branch of “Gipromez”
from 1949 to 1954
Viktor V. Koshelev
1906 – 1969
Manager of the Leningrad branch of “Gipromez”
from 1954 to 1966
Director of “Lengipromez”
from 1954 to 1969
Georgy S. Bely – Tkach
1909 – 1989
Director of “Lengipromez”
from 1969 to 1979
Igor M. Konovalov
Born in 1931
Director of “Lengipromez”
from 1979 to 1992
Valentin I. Shakurov
1938 – 2012
General Director of “Lengipromez” Co.
from 1992 to 2001
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