Буров - Ленгипромез

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1889 - 1955

Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Gipromez”
from 1927 to 1930

Mikhail N. Burov was a government and party official. He was born in Istomino village of
Vladimir province. He was a revolutionary. Worked as a house-painter. Since 1917 – the
Chairman of the Orel Military Revolutionary Committee. Since 1918 – the Chairman of the Orel
Council of the People’s Commissars.
From 1920 to 1922 – the Chairman of the Emergency Commission for Combating Counter-
Revolution and Sabotage of Volhynia province.
In 1921 he was appointed the Chairman of the Extraordinary Commission of the Don region.
At the beginning of 1927, being in the position of the Chairman of the Central Asian
Economic Council, was appointed the Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Gipromez”.
Since April 28, 1930 – the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for chemicalization of the national
economy at the Council of the People’s Commissars of the USSR.
He was the recipient of a merit pension of republic significance.

On February 13, 1968 one of the streets in Orel was named after Burov.

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