Смольянинов - Ленгипромез

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1890 – 1962

Director of “Gipromez”
from 1932 to 1938

He was born in Alapayevsk, now in Sverdlovsk region. Since 1905 he was a worker.
Since 1921 – the Deputy Business – Manager of the Council of Labor and Defense,
worked under the direct leadership of V.I. Lenin.
Since 1929 Zavenyagin was the construction manager of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel
Being in the position of the Director of “Gipromez” headed the commission for placing
abroad the orders for equipment for the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.
He was one of the initiators of establishment of the comprehensive design bureaus at the large
metallurgical plants, and at the “Azovstal” works, in particular.
V.A. Smol’yaninov participated directly in settlement of the problems connected with the ferrous
metallurgy development, often he visited as a head of the designing delegations the metallurgical

plants under reconstruction or expansion.
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