Белянчиков - Ленгипромез

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1903 – 1972
Manager of the Leningrad branch of “Gipromez”
from 1949 to 1954
He was born in Moscow. Upon graduation from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute in 1926 was sent to “Gipromez” where he worked as a draftsman – designer in the steelmaking department.
From 1933 to 1938 worked at the factory named after Andreyev.
In 1938 he came back to “Gipromez”. He was at the Great Patriotic War.
Since March of 1946 – the Head of the Steelmaking Department of “Lengipromez”.
In 1949 he was appointed the Manager of the Leningrad branch and in 1954 transferred to
Moscow in the position of the Director of “Gipromez”.
In 1962 he was transferred into the examination department of the State Committee of the
Council of Ministers of the USSR for ferrous metallurgy. After establishment of the Ministry
for Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR he was appointed the Head of the Projects and Estimates

Examination Department.
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