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“EVRAZ Nizhni -Tagil Metallurgical Plant” OJSC

Technical re-equipment of turbo-generator TG – 5A
View of turbo–generator TG – 5A
View of steam turbine condenser of turbo–generator TG – 5A
The engineering concept of a new generating unit development, i.e., turbo–generator TG – 5A, by means of mating of the existing equipment (turbine and generator) has been implemented aimed at increase of the electric power generation.
The technological process of the electric power generation is fully automated. The parameters are monitored from the control desk of the turbo–generators by the operating personnel of the TPP turbine room.
On August 16, 2015 the synchronization of the electric power station of the “EVRAZ Nizhni - Tagil Metallurgical Plant” with the power grid has been accomplished, and on August 22 the turbo–generator has been successfully commissioned.
The project on putting into operation of the additional generating capacities at the “EVRAZ NTMK” OJSC is being implemented within the program of enhancement of the power generation efficiency of production and of the Plant final product manufacturing cost reduction.
Implementation of this project made it possible for “EVRAZ NTMK” OJSC to decrease the power resources consumption, to increase the power generation efficiency of production.
At present  “EVRAZ NTMK” OJSC provides the heat supply for 67 educational institutions, 5 Palaces of Culture and Young People Arts Houses, 7 sports club – houses, 8 public health services as well as all shops and administrative buildings of the Plant proper.
150 thousand citizens of Nizhni Tagil obtain heat and hot water timely and to a full extent.

Control desk of TG – 5A
Erection of the turbine rotor
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