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Sanatorium “Metallurg”

Front view, 1956
General layout
The history of the sanatorium goes back to November 23, 1945 when at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Sochi Town Soviet of People Deputies a petition of the People’s Commissariat of Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR for allotment of a plot for a sanatorium construction in one of the best districts of the town at the south – west slope of the Bytkha mountain has been approved.
In 1948 – 1949, after carrying-out of serious landfall control measures, the “zero” cycle of construction started up.
The Leningrad branch of the State Institute for Designing Iron and Steel Plants (“Gipromez”) was entrusted with the designing of a future health resort. In 1950 the project of a group of architects Ya.O. Svirskiy, G.A. Bitov, O.A. Ugryumova has been approved in the course of competitive examination.
The chief architect of the project, Yakov Osipovich Svirskiy, is one of the old stagers of the Leningrad architectural school, follower of the prominent soviet architects V.G. Gelfreich and V.A. Schuko. The co-designer of Yakov Osipovich Svirskiy was the designer – architect Georgy Leonidovich Bitov, father of the well-known writer Andrey Bitov. In the memoirs about his father Andrey Bitov has written the following: “My father, Georgy Leonidovich Bitov, was born in Petersburg. Being a profoundly and convinced non-Party man, he has not made his career, he elaborated the designs of the departmental buildings and constructions in the field of ferrous metallurgy. But he was obviously unhappy about inability to realize his creative potential, and as gift of destiny he has taken the order for construction of a departmental sanatorium of the Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy in Sochi which also nowadays stands out against a town view background by its classic style apparently being strongly attracted by the style of ancient art. This was his creation, his swan-song in which he put all his efforts and talents”. The engineering lines of the future health–centre of the metallurgists were designed by O.A. Ugryumova. The active phase of construction began in 1951, and already on June 30, 1956 the sanatorium has been commissioned by the state commission. At a picturesque slope of the Bytkha mountain a new palace of health appeared constructed in the neoclassicism style (known also as the “Stalin’s Empire style”).
On July 1, 1956 the sanatorium “Metallurg” has opened hospitably his doors and welcomed the first guests. The 90 % from the total number of the holiday–makers were the workers and employees of the metallurgical plants.
Slope of the Bytkha mountain, 1956
Boarding guests house No.2, 1956
Swimming basin, 1956
Entry to the summer theatre, 1956
The west sleeping complex, 1956
Dining room, 1956
Water tower of the swimming basin
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