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For a long time Leningrad has been known for its advanced traditions in the field of metallurgy and, first of all, in the physical metallurgy. Closely associated with Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) are the very beginning of the scientific activity of the prominent Russian metallurgist P.P.Anosov, the names of P.M. Obukhov, “the Founding Father of the Russian metallography” D.K.Chernov and a great number of some other scientists.
Therefore, it was no mere chance that it was recognized as expedient to establish the first in the country comprehensive designing institute exactly in Leningrad.

The founding of the Institute was inspired by the necessity to solve urgently the questions of the balanced development of the productive forces of the country in the area of heavy industry. The adopted course toward the industrialization required the high rates of the metallurgical industry growth.

February 3, 1926


Establishment of the State Institute for Designing Iron and Steel Plants in Leningrad (“Gipromez”).


Separation from “Gipromez” of self-dependent designing organizations: Giprotsvetmet, Gipromash, Vodokanalproject, Promstroyproject and some others

July, 1941

Evacuation of “Gipromez” to the Urals

September, 1943

Decision of the Government to move “Gipromez” to Moscow for constant stay

November, 1943 -


March, 1944

Moving of the “Gipromez” employees to Moscow

June 24, 1944

Establishment of the “Gipromez” branch in Leningrad

December 22, 1966

Establishment in Leningrad, on the basis of the Leningrad Branch of “Gipromez”, of the Leningrad State Institute for Designing Iron and Steel Plants – “Lengipromez”

November 23, 1992

Founding of the Open Joint-Stock Company “Lengipromez” by means of the carried-out reorganization of “Lengipromez”.

November 30, 1992

Registration of “Lengipromez” OJSC.

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