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Meeting of the Scientific–Technical Council, 1927
As on October 1, 1927 there were 95 persons in the setup of the technical council divided into the following sections: economic – 18 members, metallurgical – 32 members, mechanical engineering – 21 members, civil engineering – 13 members and power engineering – 11 members, including:
Prof. M.A.Pavlov, Prof. A.A. Baikov, Prof. V.E.Grum-Grzhimailo, Prof. N.P.Aseev – on metallurgical matters;
Prof. M.A.Shatelen, A.A.Voronov, Prof. V.N.Shreter – on power engineering matters;
Prof. N.F.Charnovskiy, Prof. N.F.Kholmogorov, Prof. A.D.Gattsuk – on mechanical engineering matters;

A.N.Benua, G.D.Grimm – on civil engineering matters.

The experience of the first years of “Gipromez” working has demonstrated that in the process of designing several problems may occur and they could be solved only by means of their thorough scientific studying or arrangement of small–scale pilot plants. Because of this, the design work became closely connected with the research work, and the eminent scientists as well as the scientific–research institutes were involved in the designing process. The close ties of the design work with the scientific work became further the barest necessity.

V.E.Grum-Grzhimailo, A.A.Baikov and M.A.Pavlov. Photo was taken on the day when they were elected the Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, in 1927

The photo on the left: Specialists of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant on board of “Aquitania” motor ship on their way to America.
The photo on the right: Kalder (wearing glasses) is in the middle, to the left of him is Suvadian, among the Soviet specialists
To make use of the foreign experience, the USA companies were drawn for participation in the design work, such as: “Henry Frayn and Co.”, “McKee”, “Farquhar”. Under individual agreements the well-known metallurgists from Germany were invited: Dr. Puppe, engineers Digfox, Seidel, etc.
Stalingrad Tractor Plant
Architect Albert Kahn, 1929
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