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“Izhora Pipe Mill” CJSC

Administration–and–Welfare Building
V.V. Putin and A.A. Mordashov at the ceremonial inauguration of the “Izhora Pipe Mill”
Characteristics of the Mill
“Izhora Pipe Mill” CJSC
Town of Kolpino, near Saint Petersburg
Final products
Large–diameter pipes for oil–and–gas industry
Pipe diameter, mm
610 – 1420
Length, m
10 – 18.3
Wall thickness, mm
7 – 40
Types of coatings
• uncoated pipe;
• pipe with inner lining;
• pipe with outer coating;
• pipe with inner lining and outer coating
Output, thou. tpy
Transportation of tube skelp
Hydraulic press
Welder for outside welds
Assembling and welding mill
Coating department
Large–diameter pipe manufacturing
Shipment of pipes for construction of the “South Stream” gas line
Erection of the Izhora Works building structures
Forming press member mounting
Forming press
U – O – forming press
Assembling and welding mill
U – O- forming press
Welder for outside welds
Cutting of rings for preparation of specimens and carrying–out of mechanical tests
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